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Conversations with Ingrid


Trailer: CLICK

1. Spain and Game theory: CLICK

How trying to overthrow a dictatorship led to the theory of games of strategy. 

2. Democracy in Russia?: CLICK

How crossing the Berlin Wall and visiting the Soviet Union motivated game theoretical study of political change.

3. I went to Cuba: CLICK

The fall of Communism and democratization in Cuba turned out to be very difficult, in contrast to previous experiences in Spain. 

4. Not good at building institutions: CLICK

People tend to admire and to study things that look to them difficult to do. 

5. Voting began much before!  CLICK

People have been voting to make decisions and to choose delegates and representatives for many centuries, while, in contrast, political parties are a very recent invention.

6. How to elect the best persons: CLICK

As long as political parties and public policies converge, personal representation, that is, the selection of the best individuals, becomes more important

7. Elected Kings: CLICK 

The introduction of a separate presidential election in the United States constitution was the product of misunderstanding and miscalculation. How I introduced the model of the 'Chicken game' for inter-institutional conflict in situations of divided government.

8. Europe Should Do Like America: CLICK 

Even the president of the European Commission adopted the idea of the European Union as an empire.

9. Global Government Does Exist: CLICK 

The Group of Seven is the closest thing to a world government that has ever existed. The United States needs indispensable partners.

10. Top Ten Topics: CLICK

The summary of the summary: Some personal contributions to Political science.

Coda: Our Answers to Your Questions: CLICK

We respond to viewers' questions and comments.







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